No pictures! How's THAT for a change?

  • But bullet points, because I don't want to give you high blood pressure or anything.
  • I feel like it's been awhile since I've posted any actual content on this blog (if you can even call it that). I post my weekly pictures and call it good. So here is a little life recap/update.
  • I think it miiiiiiight be safe to go out on a limb (or beyond the bathroom door, if you will) and say that Sam is potty-trained. And it wasn't nearly as horrific and all-encompassing as all the parenting magazines and Pinterest articles and blog posts led me to believe it would be. Maybe that's because I waited until he was 3.5 years old, maybe because we had a very long talk about how failure is not an option. Who really knows. But one day, quite randomly, I took off his diaper and said no more. You can wear undies or nothing at all. For some reason, he is NOT into underwear at all. We have every type of underwear too, so he is not lacking a variety to choose from, he just doesn't want to wear it. So he is free (in every sense of the word) and potty-trained and loving it! He even poops on the potty!!! It is so awesome!!! My phone is clogged up (haaaaa PUN!) with 8 frillion pictures of poop in the potty because MUWM, TAKE A PICTURE! THIS MUST BE DOCUMENTED. He's proud of himself, I'm super proud of him, and I am REALLY glad to only have one child in diapers. I'd almost forgotten what it was like.
  • Molly and I have some sort of upper respiratory, chest/head cold and if I haven't blown my spleen straight out of my nose yet, then that is proof enough that Jesus Christ exists. Molly prefers to wipe her snot all over me instead of any sort of tissue, so that only reinforces why I wear only the cheapest and crappiest of clothing. Although now our PX and commissary are being moderated by Courtesy Patrol (I kid you not), so I need to make sure I'm dressed decently enough to not get Steve in hot water. And if I may insert a useless hashtag within a blog post- #ohkorea
  • This weekend we are rearranging the kids' bedrooms so that they are sharing a room. Because potty training didn't do enough mental damage to me obviously! In all honesty, it's about to get hotter than sin here, and with no AC, I feel bad when my kids wake up sweaty and hot with only a fan to cool them. So we have a portable AC unit that I acquired off a yard sale page recently, but it is just one unit. How do I pick between my two children? (Some days that is easy.) (Kidding, future Sam and Molly.) (But maybe not entirely.) So since they are both pretty good sleepers, we are moving Molly's crib and dresser into Sam's room and hooking the AC unit up in there. We will move the big bookcase cube and all toys into Molly's room and have a little playroom. Steve seems to think this will be the end of toys in our living room, and that usually just makes me laugh really hard.
  • I was talking to another mom at the playground the other day while we were mindlessly pushing our kids on the swings and she commented on Molly's hair. "I love her hair. I wish I had it!" "Me too," I said. "But you do!" she said. "She got it from you, right?" And then I kissed her feet and declared her my best friend 4evah. In a less creepy reality, I just told her that my hair was naturally the color of dirt and that I am just trying to look more like Molly. It's not gonna be so cute come August when I have to start trying to pretend I'm going for that "ombre look" while my hair lady is still in the US of A vacationing. 
  • I've started boycotting cooking dinner. If it can't be made in the crockpot, it won't be made. If it won't be made, then aren't we so lucky to live in the land of home delivery? Amen?
  • Sam calls cherry tomatoes "sweet puh-tay-ohs". That never gets old.
  • A siren went off this morning. I never got any sort of word that there was a test, so I was sorta kinda freaking out. I ran to the window and looked out at the courtyard, expecting to see people running and screaming. Instead I saw a lot of people looking out of their windows and a couple casually pushing their baby in the stroller, staring back at all the faces in the windows. So that was something.
  • Steve wants to buy a 9-passenger van from a guy that is PCSing soon. I just... why on earth do we need to seat 9 people? Now if we had gotten this van BEFORE our families had come to town, yes, that would have been super helpful. But now? Silly. But he is a grown man, and I told him he can do whatever he wants. I will just insert my opinions frequently until he sees it my way. Besides, the only van I'm ever going to be willing to drive is this one. They are hella popular here, and I think they are so cute. Also, I might be able to greatly reduce my PR on parallel parking if we were to snag one of these babies.
  • Best way to repair cracked, rough heels? I need help, folks. Steve says I need a sandblaster/chainsaw combo, but I prefer a less bloody method to fix these skanky feet of mine. Please fill my inbox with your knowledge. I'm all ears. (with a side of gross feet)
  • Molly has watched me draw dots on the Magna Doodle so many times for Sam (so he can connect them and make a letter/number), that she no longer draws anything, but just sits there and pokes at it to make dots. How to remedy this...
  • I really don't miss the States. Like, at all.
  • Preschool has been reduced to one day a week for Sam and Molly. This happened a few months ago, actually. They were going every Tuesday and Thursday and then Sam REALLY did not wanna go. I didn't want "school" to leave a bad taste in his mouth (especially this early, and when they are not really learning much anyway), so I cut out Thursdays. I can squeeze all my errands and childless activities in on Tuesdays if I really try, so it hasn't been terrible. Although there are quite a few Thursdays where I wonder what on earth I was thinking when I made that call. (Helloooooooo terrible twos!)
  • Conversations with Sam lately go like this:
    • Sam- Is it hot, Muwm?
    • Me- Yes, it's hot.
    • Sam- I'm sorry it's hot. It's all my fault.
    • Me- It's not your fault, honey. It's just hot. That's the way it is.
    • Sam- It's all Myer's fault?
    • Me- No, it's not Myer's fault. It's no one's fault. No one can control the weather.
    • Sam- It's all your fault. It's ok.
    • Me- No! It's not my fault! It's NO ONE'S FAULT. God made the seasons, and we happen to be in summer, where it's just HOT. If you have an issue with that (like I do), then you need to chat with Him about that, ok?
    • Sam- It's all Daddy's fault?
    • Me- *beating my head on the steering wheel*
  • If I make it through these toddler years with a scrap of my sanity intact, I'm gonna go ahead and call that a victory.
  • Has anyone used a toddler alarm clock similar to this one? I am considering getting one for Sam so that I can sleep past 5am regularly. I can only appreciate watching the sun rise if it's done on occasion, not every single mother-lovin' day of the week.
  • Computer battery is at 10% and I think my brain is running on slightly less, so it's time I sign off. HAPPY WEEKEND!


  1. Whatever cracked heels remedy you find please share I have the same problem :-/ I hope the kids sharing a room goes as smoothly for you as it has for us! I'm actually at a point where I believe it is going to be hard to separate them. I have heard good things about the toddler clocks but I have never tried one and completely understand your reasoning for wanting to try!

  2. I've boycotted cooking dinner too. And meal-planning? I haven't done that somewhat successfully in like a year. I've had Panera 4 times this week and today will be #5….

    By the by, we went to Campbell this week to visit friends and we thought Clarksville was nice. The area around the base wasn't that great, but when you get farther out it was really pretty and seemed like a cute/functional town.

    Also, on how you don't miss the states, I don't miss Pennsylvania. I lived there for 23 years, but I don't think we'll ever go back. Just keep moving, right?!

  3. Someone needs to take the fall for the heat! Also I love my girls sharing a room, and I laugh along with you at the idea of the toys staying out of the living room. I think they secretly multiply at night and wander around the house so I can step on them before I've had my coffee.

  4. I can't imagine living in a country that doesn't have central air. Good luck with the rearranging!

  5. That was delightful! I loved every bullet point and don't a lot of head shaking in agreement for many of them. If I wasn't so tired bc my children have literally sucked my will to live for me I'd write more. Xo

  6. Yay for Sam being potty trained!!!! :)

  7. Seriously, why can't dinner just make itself? Just got into my 2nd trimester, and every night I am annoyed that dinner doesn't just materialize.

    Rough heels: I have this problem and it is bad. Deep painful cracks and dry skin. The only thing that helps is slathering on a ridiculous amount of heavy lotion every night and putting socks on over it. If you come up with a better idea, let me know.

    Onaroo clock: We love it. We got it when my daughter climbed out of her crib at 18 months and she really got the concept pretty quick. Now when I open her door to get her up in the morning she announces, "Clocks green!" and blows past me to get to playing. Which means I get to sleep until 7am. That darn clock is worth every penny.

  8. I got a rare pedicure last week and the woman used a microplane on my foot. Like the one you'd use to zest a lime or grate cheese. They're now smooth and soft! You might try it in the shower?

  9. Way to go Sam! It's the best feeling when you get all wound up about potty training and then... it's no big deal at all.

    We have the OK to Wake clock. It doesn't stop the sun from rising at 4am, so we don't always have a ton of luck with it this time of year. There is a lot of discussion about the alien. Sometimes we can talk Walden back to his room to read books or play until the clock lights up. We did have to set it close to when he woke up at first and gradually move the wakeup time back, so he could build up a tolerance for waiting. I guess the occasional wins make it totally worthwhile!

  10. First time commenting but I just found out about a product for feet last week and I'm currently trying it out. It's called Baby Foot. It's made out of fruit and you put your feet in these baggy type booties for an hour and within a week your feet will start to peel all the dry skin off and your heals. I didn't believe it at first myself but I read a ton of reviews on Amazon and on their Facebook page and people are raving about. I just tried it for the first time 2 nights ago so I have to started the pealing process yet but I can't wait. If you google it you will find reviews and pictures. I ordered mine on Amazon.

  11. I've been looking for a preschool here that will do only a couple days a week. I need SOMETHING for my sanity. But either the Korean schools are expensive and 5 days a week, or the closest 2-day program is right beside Yongsan (45 min from me) and probably won't take her until she's 3 :(

    9 passenger van = bus lane!!

    Also, I know where you're at they're shutting down the command sponsored program... will you guys be kicked out early?

  12. For my feet (and body) I use this.. http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0018DE6AI/ref=ox_sc_sfl_title_7?ie=UTF8&psc=1&smid=ATVPDKIKX0DER

    Then I put gold bond lotion on my feet and then socks and leave them on for at least an hour. Better if you can leave them on over night!

  13. I miss Korea, actually. I'd miss it more if he would've been stationed at Yonsang or Casey. I'm KIND OF hoping that eventually we get orders overseas, next time around I'll go with. However, if he winds up at camp stanley again i'll probably hang myself.

  14. Way to go, Sam! And geez - we don't get to see one of those photos? ;-)

    Ha! Jarrod thought the same thing when we moved into this house and had our playroom upstairs. "No toys downstairs in the living room!" Yeah right!

  15. so NOT ready for no-A/C season. naturally, this is the year the baby comes, my family visits, and at the exact same time housing has planned construction that will mean scaffolding blocking our only two means of air circulation for all of july and august. thinking i should have gone back to america to birth this baby, haha.

  16. Yay for potty trained Sam!! Love the commando aspect of it all. Whatever works little man. I am totally going through the same thing as you and Molly and my nose will not stop dripping. So I am using the baby's burp rags. Haha. I am sending cool wishes over to you because I know I'd die without A/C. Like not even being dramatic die.

  17. Quinn has a real clock, knows how to tell time, and understands that he is not allowed to get out of bed before 6. None of this matters. He gets up whenever he pleases.

  18. I just LOVE your bullet posts. Those have to be one of my favorites, of course right after the ones filled with pics of your cute kids :)
    Yea for SAM!!!!! Awesome news!!! I think potty training is a WHOLE lot easier if we as parents wait for the kid to be ready instead of when society says we should be ready. I know it helped with Lizzie. She just decided to do it one day. :)
    You'll survive the toddler years, I promise. :)

  19. Yes i am playing catch up on my blog reading so you may have already fixed the foot problem but if you haven't... I would suggest getting a pedicure, letting them to the heavy lifiting, then pick up a pumice stone and lava rock pumice stone. They are fairly cheap about 6-7$ each. The lava rock is more course and the the standard pumice stone is finer. Use them quickly and gently before a shower and after until your feel feel the way you want. Then you can start cutting down to once or twice a week.