Our first visitors in Korea

Familiar faces! We saw them! Steve's parents arrived in Korea last week for a visit. We crammed quite a few activities into their time here with us, so without turning this into a 20-page novel, I will attempt to show you what we did via photos.

NATURALLY, we went "feshing."

We can't play at the river without visiting this old decrepit dinosaur playground.


The kids were thrilled to have someone here that was willing to read the same book to them eight billion times.

Mom mom also had FROZEN on her IPAD and, well, she's pretty much the coolest person they've ever met. (This was the first time Molly has ever seen a "girl" movie, and boy, she was focused.)

We headed down to Seoul (sans children) to see Gyeongbokgung Palace and the changing of the guard. It's incredible that this ancient palace and grounds are situated right in the middle of the city.

The "selfie" situation in Korea is out of control. Also, hilarious. (See the guy behind me? Others were holding the flowers over their faces. Because I guess it's hard to see that bright yellow wall of flowers behind your face..?)

These ajummas! I am constantly entertained by the fashion here. No one is ever wearing the same thing. While the older women typically lean towards patterns upon patterns upon patterns, these ladies busted out the tight pants, ear muffs, visors, sandals, socks, hair spray, bright colors, and sunglasses for their day trip to the palace. I showed a friend here this photo and she died laughing, saying, "If anyone asks you what Korea is like, just show them this picture. It is accurate."

Next up? Seoul Tower.

Even though you can take transportation to the top, there is still a sizable hill at the end that everyone has to climb. But once you're at the top, the views are breathtaking.

A bit hazy, but still pretty clear for Seoul!

On the ground, we passed by people smashing cans and tossing them into these "recyclable" hearts. once we were at the top of the tower, we saw that they were mirroring the heart-shaped flower beds.

We had dinner at a little Korean restaurant at the bottom of the tower, and luckily for us, it had a wall of windows, so we were able to see Seoul change from day to night. I recommend.

The next day we made the trip out to the waterfall. It's been about 6 months or so since we were last here. We found that part of the road leading to the waterfall was missing, and they added new signs down near the falls about "falling rocks." So that was nice.

Then we baked a chocolate cake. Because why the hell not?

We also hit up lots of parks.

"But where is the tiger?"

Searching for bugs

After a busy week, we said goodbye at the Incheon airport around lunchtime on Saturday. We enjoyed being able to see family and showing them our new home! The kids are still convinced that since Mom mom and Pop pop aren't here with us, they must be on a jet plane. Well ok then.


Project 365 - week 15

I'm still working on the eight thousand photos I took while my in-laws were here, so hopefully there will be a recap post later this week. Or this weekend. Or next week. We shall see.

Sometimes the workout equipment interests them more than the actual playground. Here they are working on their external obliques. It's never too soon to start thinking about swimsuit season, ya know. (Says the lady eating chocolate cake)

Another park, another attraction. This time it was the pedestrian bridge and a fleet of Blackhawks. (Steve had just gotten done at the gym. He doesn't usually wear such fashionable clothes to our park outings.)

ANOTHER park (must take advantage of the beautiful weather before we start sweating through our shirts!), and yet again, the dirt and bugs were vastly more interesting than the actual playground.

As close to "eating out" with toddlers that we'll get. Luckily this kids cafe serves pretty good food.

She's fabulous.

One of my favorite things to do with Steve- I send him pins that are too inappropriate (or inside-joke-funny) throughout the week, and then we look at them together. I typically forget what I sent him, so I get to laugh twice.

Preschool started back today!! I think we can all agree that that was the longest spring break EVER.


Project 365 - week 14


We call Day 93 "almost fail" because I waited until bedtime to snap a photo. My in-laws arrived around dinnertime and we ordered our favorite Korean pizza. As I was putting away some of the complimentary pickles that accompany every box of pizza, I realized that maybe we need to quit ordering pizza. Or stop saving all the pickles we will never eat.

Molly saw a cement truck. Her favorite. This is the appropriate response to seeing one.

Mom-mom has Frozen on her iPad. They are now obsessed like the rest of the world, just fashionably late.

We got to watch Seoul go from day to night on an unusually clear day. It was breathtakingly beautiful!

"Feshing" at the waterfall.

What? Is there something on my face?


I come to you this afternoon, folks, from the couch. My house is a big, chaotic mess. My in-laws will be arriving in-country in a few short hours. I have laundry to do, floors to clean, eight million freaking toys to pick up. But I think I'll just hammer out a few bullet points and ignore all of my adult responsibilities for a while longer. Yes? Yes.
  • Spring is here! It's freaking amazing! Stuff just started blossoming overnight and we are going outside in tshirts and shorts and sandals and leaving the windows open all day! I have also come to realize that Korea gives me allergies. So I sound like a raspy 92-year-old man who smokes at least 3 packs a day. I also keep multiple tissues stashed in my purse and on my person because at any given moment, my nose can (and will) turn into the leakiest of faucets. So that's a cute look.
  • The kids' preschool is taking a TWO-WEEK-LONG spring break, effective 3 days ago. This is.... troubling. To say the least. Also, the sitter is leaving the country. Ahhhh-mazing. Not.
  • I made a phone call this afternoon, and while battling the little monkeys off of me so I could attempt to speak in full sentences with my old man voice, I had a little slice of quiet. Oh lovely, they must finally be doing something they can both agree on. Except then I heard them giggling, and looked into the kitchen to see that they were dancing around, dumping a 2lb bag of shredded cheddar onto my white-tiled kitchen floor. It is some divine miracle that this cheese-splosion coincided perfectly with naptime. Otherwise there might have been more to clean up than just cheese.
  • I woke up this morning and immediately realized that I didn't take a photo yesterday. Wah! I messed up my streak! Part of me (well over 50% of me) thinks that the Project 365 is ruined. RUINED, I TELL YOU. The other part of me (the teeny part of me that is somewhat rational) says that it's just one day. Take a picture today and move on! So I will. I guess. I even searched my phone, hoping that at least I took a picture with THAT. But no. We played on the playground yesterday afternoon (amazing light, of course- no camera, of course) and I pulled out my phone to take a picture of the kids on the seesaw. Then that annoying message popped up and said, "You must delete pictures (because your kid probably took no less than 84 pictures of his forehead and train tracks). No more room." I actually took a pretty long video of Sam singing "Frozen" (he just yells the words "let it gooooo!" over and over while frantically waving his arms back and forth- guy friends, we need them- chop chop Aggie and crew!) and that was probably worth eating up a lot of storage on my phone, but dammit if this isn't bugging me. I cannot go back in time to take a picture of yesterday. Nor do I want to revisit yesterday either. So much whining. I searched EVERYWHERE for my cheap wine last night after chucking the kids in bed and behold, I was OUT. Steve told me to open a good bottle, but I just wanted an angry drink and did not want to waste good wine on an angry drink. (Am I the only one?) I had a beer. It was good. The End.
  • Conversation with Sam the other morning-
    • Sam: Muwm, dees are yer bewbs.
    • Me: ((trying to ignore this conversation, and kicking myself for ever letting that word slip in front of him))
    • Sam: ((points to Cinderella on Molly's sippy cup)) Dees are HER bewbs!
    • Me: Sam, yes, those are her bewbs. We don't need to focus on that though. She has a nose too, but do we go around pointing noses out? No. So there are a lot of parts to people's bodies and yes, they're there, but no, we don't need to point them out all the time, ok? There are so many other things we can talk about.
    • Sam: Dees are my nepples. ((pinches himself))
    • Me: Omg I need more coffee for this.
  • A friend gave me a flowering potted plant at Molly's birthday party. This is how I am doing with that.
via somewhere on Pinterest
  • Sam fed it some of his Rice Chex the other day though, so maybe that will help bring it back. Fingers crossed.
  • As soon as naptime is over (I know, I'm dreading it too), we are going to make a fantastical trip up to post to get some booze. (Re: last night- I'm out of angry wine) I might also get crazy and run into Starbucks for something caffeinated because Steve is going to try and stay up til midnight so he can sign out for leave at 12:01am. I honestly can't remember the last time I voluntarily stayed up to see that hour, so it's going to be difficult. Thank God someone needs to drink the cheap wine and stay home with the sleeping children. 
  • Well, with the clock ticking ever closer to my in-laws' arrival, I should probably vacate my little indented spot on the couch and wash some clothes and pick up toys and take a couple (thousand) clorox wipes to the bathrooms.
  • I'll leave you with a picture of Molly, rocking her favorite pair of sunglasses and giving me her best "I don't give a damn" walk. The sass with this one. Oy. Pray for me.